Full Name:

Trish (Last Name Unknown)

  • Microbiologist

A microbiologist, Trish is a sexually aggressive woman who meets Bloodshot while he is on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bloodshot’s Day Off

After numerous escapades, Bloodshot decided that he needed to take a vacation, so he journeyed to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he met Trish in the hotel bar. After Trish bought Bloodshot a Margarita, and when she asked him what he did for a living, he replied that he was an art buyer, a remark that surprised him as he spoke with authority on the subject using information stored in his nanites as part of an undercover I.D that he automatically accessed. Trish and Bloodshot hit it off immediately, and agreed to meet for dinner that evening.

While her profession fascinated Bloodshot, Trish was pleasantly surprised to find a man who was genuinely interested in the study of life. After dinner, they went to the hotel casino, where Bloodshot used his ability to control electronics to make Trish a winner at the slot machines.

At the end of the evening, Trish invited Bloodshot back to his room, but still feeling uncertain about his past, he hesitated. Apparently unruffled, Trish gave him a kiss good night and returned to her room alone.

After an encounter with some local drug dealers, Bloodshot laid in his tub talking to Neville Alcott about another assignment, when there was a knock at his door. When Bloodshot opened the door, he saw Trish standing in the hallway holding a bottle and two glasses wondering if he felt like some company.

While Bloodshot invited Trish inside, the outcome of their evening remains unknown to this day.

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