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After Grandmother, the freewill caretaker of Japan, transforms Shiro Yagami into her first Rai, Uejo, the leader of the Anti-Grannies, an organization of citizens who feel oppressed by their lack of control over their lives and believe that Japan's fate belongs to its people, has him killed.

In her time of need, Grandmother summons Sho Sugino, a poor crippled outcast from a line of lowly men shunned by the great houses, to serve Japan as the second Rai and defend Japan, protect her, and defeat the Anti-Grannies, a victory which cost is destined to become legendary.

Uejo and the Blood of Heroes

On August 16th 3216, the Anti-Grannies contacted Grandmother via the Mars colony to inform her that they killed Shiro Yagami and warn her not to attempt to create another champion unless she wished him to suffer a similar fate. After Uejo offered to end the bloodshed once Grandmother surrendered, he proclaimed that Japan’s fate belonged to its people and not a soulless machine.

While the great houses of Japan mourned the loss of one of their own, on Mars, Uejo toasted Shiro’s demise and their imminent discovery of the Blood of Heroes, the computerized blood of the legendary Bloodshot that held the power to destroy Grandmother.

After the Anti-Grannies found the blood, they settled a hidden base outside the normal space-time continuum in a place called the Lost Land, a hub at the center of time where Grandmother held no dominion, and set out to find a psionic that they could inject with the blood to grant him mental control over all electronic devices, including Grandmother.

Worried for her own safety, Grandmother sent Sho Sugino to retrieve the Blood of Heroes and destroy her enemies. Once Sho found the Anti-Grannies' citadel, he demanded that Uejo give him the blood, but he told him that the only way he could have it was if he killed him because he did not want to live in a world controlled by the likes Grandmother.

Enraged by Uejo’s taunts, Sho killed him with two strokes from his swords and took the blood.

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