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Clovius (son)


"For that and a few hundred drachmas, I procured the secret of his immortality elixir!"

Upati-a-Hšu is a Greek merchant and man of peace that, as a child, witnesses as Aram Anni-Padda, the immortal Armstrong, lifts a cart over his head with his five children on it. Years later, after Upati rescues Aram from a group of Spartans, Aram gives him the recipe of a disgusting brew that he dies with the belief that it contains the secret elixir of immortality.

Formation of The Sect

Birthday Bash

In the Summer of 10 B.C.E. in Ephesus Anatolia, Upati-a-Hšu was playing around with a wooden wheel when he watched as Aram Anni-Padda lifted a cart with his five children inside it over his head before he told his wife Kiraz goodbye and departed from his home. Sometime later, from behind the relative safety of a rock wall, Upati witnessed as a Centurion arrived at Kiraz’s home looking for Aram, who the Proconsul wished to meet to learn the secret of his immortality and strength, and she told him that he had abandoned him with their five children.

About 50 years later, Upati was having a drink in a Kapeleion in Corinth, Greece when he witnessed as Aram got into a brawl with two Spartans when he was unable to pay his bill. Later, Upati took Aram to one of his many warehouses, where, after several hours of binge drinking, he coaxed him into giving him the secret of his immortality elixir.

Three days later, while his son Clovius chastised him for letting Aram drink half their inventory, Upati assured him that the cost was worth it and urged him to fetch him the ingredients of the elixir, a disgusting concoction that he died with the certainty that it would grant immortal life.