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Khanit (father, deceased)




See Geomancers

The Geomancers’ Line of Succession



35th Century BC

The Earth was already ancient when beast and man first trod upon it. Eons had already passed before men first fed from the Earth, thrived upon the Earth, and polluted the Earth. They did everything in their power to wipe themselves off the Earth.

For this reason, the Earth created the Geomancer, a protector of the Earth who would defend it against the threat of humanity, and, if possible, save man from himself.

The Earth chose Khanit as its first Geomancer. Khanit could not only communicate with the Earth, but he had a limited control of the Earth's elements. The first seer of the Earth was also immortal, and for decades, he served the Earth well. Eventually, this power corrupted Khanit, and he used his gift for personal gains.


Valurr v. Khanit

Khanit knew this had angered the Earth, so he formed alliances with necromantic wizards in hope of keeping his power. Meanwhile, the Earth chose Khanit's son, the noble Valurr, to wear the mantle of Geomancer.

Valurr’s first real test was to defeat his father and while he was nowhere near as dominating as his father was, he had used his quickness and wits to avoid his obliteration, and it almost worked, but Khanit was too strong. Yet, Valurr had more than proven his worst to the Earth, so it lent a hand and stripped Khanit of his powers. Valurr took on the mantle of Geomancer, but the Earth denied him immortality and control of the elements.

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