Full Name:

Woodrow Van Chelton




Toy Store Security Guard



Known Relatives:

Quantum & Woody


His Wristband Releases a Beam of Force


Self–trained musician

Growing up, Woody led a privileged life in Greenwich Village, until the day his parents divorced and he moved to the city with Lucy, his mother. A proud woman, Lucy refused to accept her ex–husband’s child support checks, so soon after that she and Woody found themselves living in the streets, where her only comfort came in the form of white powder and other, harsher, diversions.

Forced to take care of his mother, Woody’s semi–daily routine involved taking Lucy to the hospital after she OD’ed on drugs. For Woody, comfort came in the form of an ax, an electric guitar he acquired from a pawnshop with a loan from a friend. A natural player, Woody had trouble finding places to play due to his age, so he was stuck working at a burger joint.

One night, while on his way back home, Woody walked by the pawnshop and found his guitar hanging in the window. Learning that Lucy pawned it Woody rushed home to confront her, but as soon as he walked inside he found her laying in bed dead following a massive overdose. That night Woody cried for his mother for the first time in his life.

Eventually Woody moved in with Tammy, a prostitute he had met years earlier who he constantly promised he would help leave the streets with his father’s money. Ultimately, however, this did not happen as Kenny, Tammy’s pimp, pushed her off a roof and killed her.

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