X-O Commando Armor

X-O Commando Armor


Alien Technology



At some point millennia in the past, the Spider Aliens, a race of blood-thirsty extraterrestrial arachnoids, discovered a semi-sentient silicon-based lifeform that was capable of acting as a living transducer that absorbed energy (and/or matter) and converted it into new forms. Seeking to harness this creature’s abilities, they set about combining its genetic code with other desirable traits from a diverse field of genetic material gathered from dozens of worlds, like bacterium capable of digesting and recycling biological wastes.

When the Spider Aliens had taken the new organism as far as it could go biologically, they began to tinker with it technologically. Using nano-technology, they added self-repair features and computational abilities. Eventually, this line of research led to the development of the Wolf Class armor – a multi-limbed, hard carapaced armor with limited capabilities.

Others continued along the biological path and encoded new abilities directly into the armor’s genetic structure, until they developed the Commando Class armor, which sprouts a spore every three hundred years from which scientists are able to create a new Commando class armor.

The Commando Class is the backbone of the Spider Alien military.

X–O Commando Class

Sentient: No

Flight: Yes

Armament: Dual, wrist mounted 50mghz pulse ion cannons.

The X-O Commando armor is powerful enough to decimate an island, it is extremely sophisticated and difficult to bio-forge, taking several hundred years for them to reach full maturity, and, once they do, they are almost unbeatable. Only X-O Manowar armor is more powerful.

The moment that X-O Commando armor encloses its wearer, it forms a rapport with them that allows it to respond to everything they say, think, or wish, as if it were a part of them as much as their own arms and legs.

The X-O Commando armor is harder than Zirkium.

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