X-O Manowar Seed

X-O Manowar Seed


Spider Aliens


Alien Technology




A Spider Alien bonds with an X-O Manowar Seed to create Shanhara

Approximately every two thousand years, Manowar Class Armors develop a golden seed from which anyone may create a new X-O Manowar class armor at the expense of the life force of a living creature that becomes the new suit of armor.

Alternately, every ten thousand years, a silicon-based plant on the surface of the Spider Alien homeworld sprouts up to two golden seeds at the cost of its life.

Typically, the intended bearer of an X-O Manowar seed is a member of the Spider Aliens, a race of extraterrestrial arachnoids, but in the late 20th Century Paul Bouvier, a Canadian Secret Service agent, becomes the first human to bond with a seed to create Pol–Bekhara. Though at first the bonding appears to be successful, in time, Paul’s consciousness overtakes the armor and becomes Alloy, a dangerous hybrid.


Spider Aliens prostrate before an altar

Amongst the Spider Aliens, the bonding of a seed to its host is cause of great reverence and they hold a significant ceremony with religious overtones and gather around an altar with a basin intended for the seed bearer. As the seed and the bearer bond, the aliens supplicate themselves and observe the solemn event.

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