Zach Boniface
Zach Boniface
Full Name:

Zach Boniface



Known Relatives:

When Zach Boniface and Sarah Boniface were set to get married, Josiah Torrent seduced her with his power to charm snakes. When Zach found out, there was a fight, and Josiah beat him very badly, but Zach got his friends together and they went after him. When they found Josiah, they beat him and buried him alive in an unmarked grave, where he died.

One night, over 20 years later, while Zach was on his way home from the bar, Master Darque almost ran him over with his car and forced him to take him to Josiah’s grave. Scared for his life, and certain that Darque was the devil, Zach led him to the forest, where one of his servants dug up Josiah’s corpse from his grave.

The next day, Jack Boniface arrived from New Orleans for a visit and he and Zach witnessed as snakes suddenly appeared in Sarah’s bed as she stood up on it and asked God why she had forsaken him. As Sarah, who had been having terrible nightmares, told Jack that Josiah was back, Zach insisted that Josiah was dead. Just then, Mrs. Harper, who had been looking after Sarah, rushed into the house with Sheriff Melvin Janson, who tried to provoke Jack into a fight until Zach stopped him and took him outside to talk. Once they were away from earshot, Zach told Melvin what happened and took him to see Josiah’s grave.

On their way back to the city, Zach and Melvin stopped at Jake’s bar, where Josiah had killed Jacob Williams, one of Zach’s friends that killed him a quarter of a century earlier. Taking aside Abel, another one of the men responsible for Josiah’s murder, Melvin told him to gather everyone else that were with them that night to go after Josiah again. Just then, Jack entered the bar garbed in his Shadowman attire demanding to know what was happening, when, suddenly, Josiah tossed Tom Behrens through the bar window and startled everyone.

Pointing at Josiah and Sarah, Melvin revealed to Jack that Josiah was his real father, a revelation that Sarah confirmed. As Jack stopped Josiah from killing another man, Master Darque showed up and revealed that he resurrected Josiah to force Jack to undertake his quest. During the struggle that ensued between Josiah and Jack, Josiah killed Zach and many others. Ultimately, Jack agreed to serve Darque, who brought back everyone to life except for Zach, whose death served as a reminder of what could happen to Sarah.

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